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Customer Relationship Management

One of the biggest Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations in Poland 1600 active users

Product presentation

Electronic catalogues containing almost 2 million cross-references

Small and medium business solutions

Car fleet management system used by 200.000 vehicles

About us

Our main technical skills:

WPF, W-Forms


Microsoft Dynamics

Oracle, SQL




We are proud to have created:

B2B and B2C electronic catalogues

Electronic catalogue application helps to search quickly spare parts from 1.5 million cross-references available and order them through internet. Moreover, the programme can be used for many additional operations taking place in workshops like preparing price estimates based on repair times data.

The programme downloads all the data from a modern cloud computing system to work more comfortably, with no need of inconvenient update of data on a daily basis. This means a fully up-to-date list of vehicles, access to innovations and new items, as well as up-to-date wholesale prices and stock levels.

The programme integrates data from TECDOC, HaynesPRO, DAT, etc.

This catalogue contains:

1.5 million cross-references

1 million photos

80.000 vehicles in database

12 ERP systems connected

Web Catalog

A web catalogue that helps professionals to search spare parts and order them through internet. It helps to find quickly a part from 1.5 million goods available.

Web store

A web store used by private users who want to search spare parts and order them through internet. Similarly to B2B tools, the store helps to find quickly a part from 1.5 million goods available.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a system for managing customer relations, getting new customers and retaining customers. The knowledge about customer’s potential and his loyalty helps to choose >optimal mechanisms to maintain optimal relations. The system enables organization of data about customers, which makes it effective and elastic tool.

The system provides tools for marketing campaigns (E-mail, phone), dynamic customer choice for campaigns basing on particular parameters. It enables excluding customers who do not want e-mail communication.

The access to data is controlled thanks to elastic safety tools. Because of that, e.g. employees see only data required to do the tasks. The authorization can be defined by employee’s business role or region he/she works in.

The fact that all data is collected in one unified system helps to get precise reports, which enables short-term and long-term decision making processes.

Our team has implemented successfully

one of the biggest Microsoft Dynamics implementation

in Poland.

This implementation means:

1 000 000 customers

1600 active users

600 business units

5 countries

Synchronization with ERP systems

Synchronization with BI (Oracle Business Intelligence)

Synchronization of data between CRM and sharepoint system

MDM – Master Data Management

MDM class system (Master Data Management). It manages all types of data concerning company’s product bases. The system enables adding, and gathering such data like parameters, descriptions, pictures of products, etc. Moreover, it also organizes the way of presentation of such data.

This system is dedicated to automotive industry. It allows for management of relationships among products and vehicles. Moreover it gathers such information from Manufacturers. It helps to define which product is dedicated to a particular type of a vehicle.

System is designed to work with big amount of data prepared by many teams. The system can also work with different ERP systems used by different companies.

The data prepared in this system is a complete source for different types of >electronic catalogues and search web pages.

Car Fleet services system

System created for one of the biggest companies dealing with complex car fleet services. Quick and complex service is possible thanks to integration of many external systems and thanks to delivering platforms for fluent communication among all sides involved in repair services .

This system means:

200.000 vehicles

1000garages connected

350 customers

The system consists of several parts:

Application for a garage

Main features:

System integrated with electronic catalogues - possibility to use databases from these catalogue

Possibility to view the orders

Alert system and system for communication with a person from technical department

Possibility of managing tyres deposit

Application for a customer

Main features:

System integrated with electronic catalogues – possibility to use its database

Possibility to view and accept repair orders

Advanced data filters

Possibility to view tyres deposit

Possibility for creating repair reports

Alert system and system for communication with a person from technical department

A mobile application for Android system has been created for users convenience.

Application for order management

Main features:

Creating, edition and view of service orders

Possibility to order parts for repair directly from ERP system

Management of delivering parts for repair directly from branch to a service garage performing a repair

SMS and e-mail communication for sides engaged in repair

Direct chat communication between garage and a client

System for alerting when certain parameters in order occur

Tyres repair and tyre deposit system

Unlimited report possibilities about data saved in system

TecDOC car parts catalogue integrated

Heynes Pro times of repair catalogue integrated

VIN and AZTEC codes decoders implemented

ONLINE communication among client and garage

The programme integrates data from TECDOC, HaynesPRO, DAT, etc.

Loyalty programme

A complex system for customers’ loyalty cards management. It includes printing and programing customers’ proximity cards, promotion management, transaction history and promotional points management. The system is integrated with ERP systems and enables customers to pay with their loyalty points.

Stock and purchasing management

System for managing orders to various suppliers

Main functions:
  • Automatic order generation – based on stock level and sales forecast counted by SAS programme for sales forecast and additional criteria chosen by a user. Manual order edition available

  • Sales analytics, sales forecast, etc

  • Advanced data >filters>

  • Detailed data presentation (price calculation, stock level, availability, description, etc)

  • Integrated managing orders - original goods and cross-orders

  • Management of replacing goods by different goods (new versions or alternatives)

  • Universal data import mechanism

Inventory management software

A complex application used in hundreds car garages, auto parts stores and tyre hotels all over Poland.

The application allows for creation and edition of base of customers and their vehicles, multi stock management, creating service orders, price estimates, etc.

Sales support

Application integrating inventory of a company with catalogues of various manufacturers. With the use of one application, a sales person can find and sell goods both from company’s inventory together with goods from TecDOC catalogue. The programme features advanced mechanisms of searching and filtering goods.

CMS – Content Management System

CMS helps to manage various websites from one profile or many roles assigned to a particular user. Logging to the system is performed via ActiceDirectory, which is important for corporations (one login and one password for all applications). CMS is also prepared for RWD technologies enabling website management from mobile devices.

The creator inside the system gives possibility to place product banners directly in the context with specially prepared for this functionality blocks (eg. Slider type). The product data (price, availability, description, photos) are downloaded from company’s ERP system and they are updated on daily-basis – no manual update is required.

The articles’ content can be sharedbetween various websites with possibility to specify the canonicality depending on website or category. CMS has been prepared with set of options helping to address SEO goals.

It is a multilanguage system with a possibility to use various dictionaries.

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